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STC Landscape Certification Program
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STC Landscape Installation Certification


The purpose of the STC Landscape Installation Certification Program is to provide experienced landscape synthetic grass installers with high-quality education and recognize individuals for meeting course requirements and demonstrating a certain level of mastery of the knowledge and skills required for a successful and sustainable installation.

Five Reasons to Become a Certified Installer

  1. Demonstrate your commitment to the Synthetic Grass Landscape Industry profession
  2. Show your ability to meet national guidelines and best practices
  3. Expand your skills and knowledge through continuing education
  4. Receive National and Local Promotion-The STC promotes certified installers in its guide specifications, literature, website and videos (featured Projects). The STC Manufacturer Members need to commit to promote the certified installers to the general public.
  5. Increase your sales and margins- We’ll show you how to increase your bottom line through greater efficiency.

Certification Requirements

  1. Attend an STC Installer Course
  2. Earn a passing score on the exam
  3. Complete and submit an application for Certification (documenting required installation experience of at least 5 projects and 10,000 sq ft)

*After attending and passing the course, a record of completion is issued.
** Once issued, certification is valid for two years. During each two year term, STC Landscape Certified Installers must earn 8 continuing education credits in order to renew certification. 

Course Development

STC Landscape Installer Courses are offered throughout the year in various locations and through the sponsorship of STC member companies and allied industry organizations. Courses are offered in a classroom setting that promotes networking and personal interaction with instructors and other participants. All courses conclude with an exam and those participants earning a passing score on the exam will receive a Record of Completion. In addition, participants have the opportunity to pursue certification, designations and industry recognition after completing an application form that includes installation experience.

Disclaimer and Understanding

The Synthetic Turf Council Installer Programs are intended to communicate industry guidelines to synthetic landscape turf installers on estimating, planning and executing residential and commercial projects and to educate individuals in applicable construction and general business practices for landscape applications. The STC recognizes only that a Record of Completion awarded to a participant conveys that the participant has completed the required course of instruction and earned a passing grade on the examination administered by STC at the conclusion of the course. For a participant obtaining STC Installer certification or designation status, STC recognizes only that the certificate holder has earned a Record of Completion and has also met the minimum amount of installation experience required by STC. The STC exercises no control or direction over certified concrete paver installers and does not in any manner endorse, guarantee, or certify the performance or quality of services rendered or products used. The STC further disclaims any and all liability for injuries or damages to persons or property or for monetary damages arising out of or resulting from the failure of performance of services rendered or products used by an installer holding an STC certification or designation.

Certification Renewal

The certification renewal process is essential to ensure continued professional development for those certified as synthetic grass installers. Once certification is awarded, all STC Certified Installers must recertify every two years by earning 8 continuing education credits.

Renewal Process

  • Earn 8 Continuing Education Credits. Continuing education credits must be earned before the certification expiration date. Each Certified Installer is responsible for keeping track of continuing education credits they have earned, and maintain proof of attendance. Proof of attendance in case you are audited.
  • Complete a Renewal Form and submit with payment. If your certification has not yet expired, please expect to receive a renewal notice approximately 3 months prior to your expiration date. If your certification has already expired, contact STC for a Renewal Form.
  • Complete an Application for Certification. Installation experience needs to be submitted to STC only ONCE. If you have already submitted this form as part of your initial certification, you do not need to submit again. Download the form from the menu above.

Note: The STC will be randomly audited to verify installation experience and continuing education. Those individuals who cannot provide documented evidence of installation experience or continuing education will be subject to suspension and revocation of certification.

Future Designations

  • Commercial Technician
    • Playground
    • Multi-dog facilities
  • Advanced Residential
    • Golf Greens


How do I earn a STC Installer Certification?

To earn a STC landscape Installer certification, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Take the STC Installer course
  • Receive a passing grade on the exam
  • Complete an Application for Certification (meeting the minimum installation experience requirements of at least 5 projects and 10,000 sq. ft.)
  • Once you have completed the above steps and receive your certification it will be valid for two years.  During each two-year term, you must complete 8 continuing education credits in order to renew your certification.

What if I’m not an installer, but I want to take the course?

Many people who are not installers, such as design professionals and sales representatives, take the course for informational purposes.  Every participant that passes the course will receive a Record of Completion, which states that you have completed the course and passed the exam, and this document does not expire.  Those participants that do not install are able to take the course to earn a Record of Completion.

We will continue to work with our STC committee members to come up with a term that can be used by participants who complete the course but don’t install (design professionals, industry sales representatives, etc.).  For now, something along the following lines would be appropriate:

  • I hold a Record of Completion for the STC Landscape Installer Course
  • I am STC-trained
  • I follow STC’s best practices for installation

What if I have taken the course previously and received a certification, but I don’t meet the installation experience requirements because I do not install?

If you do not install synthetic grass, when you complete the course, you will be provided with what used to be called a “graduate certificate,” as opposed to a certification document.  People who don’t install are not eligible to refer to themselves as STC Landscape Installers. We will be providing these individuals with a new document – a Record of Completion, which states that you have completed the course and passed the exam, and this document does not expire. 

What if I am an installer, but I don’t meet the installation experience requirements yet?

If you install, but do not yet meet the installation experience requirements you are still welcome to take the course to earn a Record of Completion.  The Record of Completion received for passing this course does not expire, so if you currently do not meet the minimum installation experience requirements, you can wait until you do meet them, and submit your Application for Certification at that time. 

How much Continuing Education do I have to complete?

During each two year certification term Certified Installers will need to complete 8 continuing education credits.  One hour equals one continuing education credit.

Why do I have to do Continuing Education?

Continuing education is an important part of a certification program. If an organization certifies a participant’s competency (earning a passing exam score and meeting a minimum amount of installation experience are the criteria determined for the STC Landscape Installer certification program), the organization must also have a way to keep those who are certified up to date on changes in the industry and keep their training current.  Continuing education is the most common way for organizations to accomplish this.

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