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Past STC Meetings

2015 Spring Membership Meeting

March 23-25, 2015

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Update on the Current Crisis and the STC Response: The Outcome of this Crisis will Impact the Entire Synthetic Turf Industry
Ron Loyd, BAS Recycling; Bob Harding, D.A. Hogan; David Nardone, Stantec; Andy Belles, Astroturf; Dale Karmie, ForeverLawn

A Basic Briefing on Chemicals of Concern in Auto/Truck Tires, and the Results of Testing of Various Infill Materials.  A New, Science-based Approach to Interpreting the Results
Dave Teter, David Teter Consulting

Keynote Address, The New Norms Due to Drought and Water Conservation Programs: How Will Synthetic Turf Likely Fit Into This Picture?
Ronald Gastelum, Former Chief Executive Officer, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, one of the largest wholesale water suppliers in the world

Research Update: NFL Research on Football Shoes, Lower Extremity Injuries, and New Turf Guidance
Richard Kent, Ph.D., Professor, University of Virginia, Center for Applied Biomechanics

ADA Requirements for Playgrounds and Public Parks
Butch DeFillippo, Managing Partner, PlaySafe LLC

As the 8th Largest Economy in the World, California is a Huge and Growing Market for the Synthetic Turf Industry, and a Bellwether for Where the Opportunities Await
Ruben Rojas, Governor Edmond Brown’s Appointee as Deputy Executive Director, California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank. IBank finances public infrastructure and private development that promote a healthy climate for jobs, contribute to a strong economy and improve the quality of life in California communities

What Do Synthetic Turf Sports Fields, Tourism, and Youth Sports Have in Common?:  The Impact of Synthetic Turf on Our Youth and in Our Communities
Brian Storm, President, FIELDS

2014 Annual Membership Meeting

September 29 - October 1, 2014 – San Antonio, TX

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Keynote Address: An Executive Economic Briefing
Brian Beaulieu, ITR Economics

Critical Science Update: Player Performance and Safety
John Sorochan, PhD, Field Safety Center, University of Tennessee

Polymer Stabilization and Ultraviolet Resistance of Synthetic Turf Fibers
David Dyas, BASF

Crumb Rubber: Recent Air- and Water-Quality Studies and Other Information of Interest
Marke Jennings-Temple, Eng.D., Senior Consultant - Asia-Pacific, Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), Brisbane, Australia

Update and Open Discussion about the Current Options and Actual Practice for the Reclamation, Reuse, and Recycling of Synthetic Turf
Moderator: Davis Lee, InnovaNet Group; Panel

Insured (or so-called third-party) Warranties: The Real Scoop (with Q&A)
Glenn Quackenbush, Scott Danahy Naylon

Impact Testing Toolbox for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields and Playgrounds
Panel: Buzz Splittgerber, BuzzTurf; Mike Gentile, Sports Labs USA

FIH Certification Program for Field Hockey Fields
Alastair Cox, Labosport International and FIH Consultant

Considerations of Potential Uses of Synthetic Grass in Florida Landscapes
Jason Kruse, Assistant Professor, Turfgrass Science, University of Florida

Benefits of Synthetic Grass as an Accessible Playground Surface
Mara Kaplan, Let Kids Play

2014 Spring Membership Meeting

March 17-19, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV

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Presentations »

Player Safety: Concussions and their effect on the brain (with Q&A)
Chris Nowinski, Co-founder and Executive Director, Sports Legacy Institute (SLI)

Research Report: Player Performance and Injury Studies on Various Types of Synthetic Turf with Various Cleat Types
Chris Sherwood, Consultant, Biocore LLC – Biomechanics, Consulting & Research

FIFA Technical Report: Heat and maintenance guidelines; Research results on player fatigue
Dr. Eric Harrison, FIFA Consultant

Consumer Panel of Synthetic Grass for Landscape & Recreation – Cohiba 1-4
Toby Bickmore, S. Nevada Water Authority; Bill Silverstein, Hotel Grounds Supervisor; Steven Mason, Lake Meade Court HOA President; Katie Murphy, Summerlin Hills HOA resident and synthetic grass landscape homeowner

International Rugby Board and its One Turf Initiative
Leanne Walsh, Technical Services Coordinator, International Rugby Board

Research Report: Player Performance on Various Types of Synthetic Turf. Base pad research. Temperature predication modeling.
John Sorochan, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Turfgrass Science & Management Research and Teaching, Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Tennessee; Adam Thoms, Research Leader, University of Tennessee

Research Report: Accurately Simulating Storm Water Runoff from Synthetic Turf Fields to Determine a Runoff Coefficient
Steven Buchberger, Ph.D., Professor, School of Energy, Environmental, Biological and Medical Engineering, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, University of Cincinnati

2013 Annual Membership Meeting

October 7-9, 2013 – Orlando, FL

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Presentations »

New STC Quality Guidelines for Landscape & Recreation Synthetic Grass
John Baize, Act Global; Brad Borgman, Heavenly Greens

Different Applications for Synthetic Grass
Dakota Harp, Controlled Products, Inc.; Brian Karmie, ForeverLawn

Environmental & Other Benefits of Synthetic Grass
George Neagle, SYNLawn

Artificial and Natural Turf Sites
Joe Green, City of Tampa Parks Department

STC Board of Directors Report
John B. Giraud, Target Technologies International Inc.

2013 Spring Membership Meeting

March 11-13, 2013 – Pittsburgh, PA

Presentations »

Industry Value, Profitability and the STC
John Baize, Act Global Sports

The Sustainable Playground Surface: Accessibility in the Playground
Rolf Huber, Canadian Playground Advisory Inc.

Make Your Move: 2013-2014
Brian Beaulieu, Institute for Trend Research

FIFA Quality Programme
Alastair Cox, Labosport International

Board of Directors Report
John Baize, Act Global Sports

2012 Annual Membership Meeting

October 2-4, 2012 – Dallas, TX

Presentations »

Measuring Heat of Synthetic Turf: A Simplified Look at Solar Reflective Index and Surface Temperature
Davis Lee, PhD, InnovaNet Group

Public Outreach & Education Campaign Report
Terrie Ward, STC Marketing and Education Director

Advances in Artificial Weathering, Durability Testing, and Fade Resistance
Larry Campbell, Americhem

LEED Points – How to Earn Them, and What They Mean for Synthetic Turf Projects
Patrick Maguire, Activitas

STC Guidelines for Synthetic Turf Maintenance
John Baize, ACT Global Sports, Chairman, STC Performance Guidelines Task Force for Maintenance

Research & Science: Optimizing Player Performance & Football Field Safety
John Sorochan, Ph.D., University of Tennessee

New Developments in Field Covering Systems
Bob Curry, Covermaster

Federal Regulatory & Legislative Issues Confronting the Synthetic Turf Council
Walt Sanders, Van Fleet Associates, Inc.

2012 Spring Membership Meeting

March 5-7, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV

Presentations »

STC Public Outreach and Education Campaign
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications

End-of-Life Disposal, Recycling and Repurposing Options for Synthetic Turf and its Components, and Applicable EPA Regulations
Davis Lee, Ph.D., InnovaNet Group, Moderator; Mark Heinlein, Turf Reclamation Services LLC; Mark Mitchell, FieldAway USA; Russ Neuman, Textile Rubber and Chemical Company

STC Guidelines for Synthetic Turf Performance – A Description of the Guidelines and the Applicable Test Protocols
John Baize, ACT Global Sports, Moderator; Erle Miles Sr., Testing Services Inc.; Rusty Abell, ISA-Sport; Eric O'Donnell, Sports Labs

FIFA – An Update
Johannes Holzmüller, FIFA

Specifying and Constructing Stable and Lasting Bases Under Synthetic Turf Sports Fields
Grove Teates, Alpine Services

Sustainable Athletic Fields – A Case Study
David Nardone, Stantec Sport

Benefits of Irrigation for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields
Rich Dunn, Hunter Industries

Overview of FIFA Research on 'Football Turf"
Dr. Eric Harrison, FIFA Consultant

2011 Annual Membership Meeting

October 10-12, 2011 – Washington D.C.

Presentations »

BASF Synthetic Turf Eco-Efficiency Analysis
Andy Belles, AstroTurf

Don't Dump or Burn a Valuable Resource
Dennis Andersen, Genan Inc.

STC Public Outreach and Education Campaign
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications

STC Member Survey Results: State of the North American Synthetic Turf Industry
Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council

2011 Spring Membership Meeting

March 6-8, 2011 – Phoenix, AZ

Presentations »

Technical Issues – Sports Field Base Construction, Drainage
James D. Catella, PE, Catella Engineering, LLC

Turf Installation Techniques
Mark Heinlein, The Motz Group, Inc.

Synthetic Turf Infill and Pad Options: A brief overview
Adam Coleman, USGreentech LLC

Technical Issues – Sports field irrigation
Ed Underhill, Underhill International

Infilled Synthetic Turf Paint: The real world experience
Chris Fiore, Pioneer Athletics

Protecting a Synthetic Field with a Cover System during a Special Event
Michael Jefferson, TERRAPLAS USA

Sports Field Maintenance
Jacob Maynard, FieldGroomers, Inc.

Synthetic Turf for Landscape
Mike Alexander, ForeverLawn Arizona

Executive Forum: Photos of Various Landscape Applications
Brian Karmie, ForeverLawn; Victor Lanfranco, Synthetic Grass Warehouse; Ken London, Synthetic Lawn Supply; Scott Lowrie, Controlled Products; Steve White, Challenger Industries

Non-Traditional Funding Alternatives for Public Athletic Facility Projects
William J. Seymour, P.E., Gale Associates, Inc.

Public Outreach & Education Campaign Report
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications

2010 Annual Membership Meeting

October 18-20, 2010 – New Orleans, LA

Presentations »

Things to Consider When Specifying Synthetic Turf
Dave Anderson, D.A. Hogan & Associates; Craig Honkomp, Kleingers & Associates; Bruce Lemons, Foresite Design

Care and Maintenance of Synthetic Turf
Zach Burns, The Motz Group; Mike Harkrider, Elite TurfCare Group; Allen Waterman, APW Enterprises

3rd Party Warranty Insurance
Glenn Quackenbush, Scott Danahy Naylon

Persuasive Facts about the Environmental, ROI, and Other Benefits of Synthetic Turf
John Amato, JJA Sports; Andy Belles, AstroTurf; Davis Lee, InnovaNet Technology Group; Charlie Meeks, Shaw Sportexe

A Report on the Economy and Forecast for the Synthetic Turf Industry
Alan Beaulieu, Institute for Trend Research

Public Outreach & Education Campaign
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications

2010 Spring Membership Meeting

March 9-11, 2010 – Atlanta, GA

This meeting featured a day trip to Dalton for an up-close and personal look at the synthetic turf industry. Thank You to our hosts:

  • ACT Global Sports
  • Challenger Industries
  • Controlled Products
  • Liberty Tire Recycling
  • Propex
  • Shaw Sportexe
  • Synthetic Turf Resources
  • Testing Services, Inc.
  • Turfstore

2009 Annual Membership Meeting

October 6-8, 2009 – San Diego, CA

Presentations »

FIFA Quality Concept
Nigel Flechter, FIFA

Testing Synthetic Turf Surfaces - Performance Standards
Alastair Cox, Labosport International

The Maintenance of Performance in Synthetic Turf Sports Surfaces
Iain James, Cranfield University,

Public Outreach and Education Campaign Update
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications


2009 Spring Membership Meeting

March 3-5, 2009 – Clearwater Beach, FL

Presentations »

Evaluation of the Environmental Effects of Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields: Heat, Leeching, and Off-gassing
Scott Bristol, Milone & MacBroom

Overview of the STC’s New Environmental Initiative
Dan Sawyer, Brock International

Synthetic Turf Council: Public Outreach & Education Campaign Update
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications

Synthetic Turf: How Safe is it?
Davis Lee, Ph.D., InnovaNet Technology Group

The STC is grateful to the following members who presented the performance characteristics of infill materials at the Spring Membership Meeting on March 4, 2009:

  • Maureen Lynn, Fairmount Minerals
  • Randy Reddick, USGreentech LLC
  • Domenic Carapella, Geo Safe Play / Limonta Sport USA
  • Josef Langenwalter, Polytan USA
  • Danilo Albani Rocchetti, Italgreen USA
  • Jose Roger, Gezolan AG

2008 Annual Membership Meeting

December 2-4, 2008 – San Antonio, TX

Presentations »

Synthetic Turf Council: Public Outreach & Education Campaign
Shira Miller, Shira Miller Communications

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
Walt A. Sanders, Esq., Van Fleet Associates, Inc.

ESTO: Status Overview
Marc Uleman, Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd.

STC 2008 Market Statistics Survey
Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council

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