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The Certified Turf Installer-Landscape Program was developed by the STC to help promote industry-recognized best practices for landscape synthetic turf installation. For installers involved in landscape and recreation synthetic grass market, the STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) is THE industry recognized status for the professionals committed to industry guidelines and code of ethics. It's more than just a certificate on the wall - it's a testament to your level of investment in your profession that demonstrates your knowledge and skills for landscape synthetic grass installation best practices.


Demonstrate your commitment to the landscape synthetic turf industry profession


Separate yourself from the competition by leveraging and promoting STC Certification to your customers


Expand your skills and knowledge through continuing education


Receive national and local promotion through the online STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) Listing


Increase your bottom line through greater work efficiency

How to Apply

Through the STC CTI-L program, join hundreds of installers who are committed to advancing in landscape synthetic turf industry through education, industry guidelines, and greater efficiency. The CTI-L course and exam is intended for experienced and qualified installers of landscape synthetic grass who meet the minimum installation experience requirements (minimum of 10 landscape and recreation projects and a minimum of 20,000 sq. ft.).

Step 01

Select an upcoming Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) course (view the course calendar, here).

Step 02

Submit payment for the course. The course fee is $550 per person for STC Members, and $965 per person for Non-STC Members.

Step 03

Receive a passing grade of 80% or higher on the Certified Turf Installer–Landscape exam.

Step 04

Complete an Application for Certification and meet the minimum eligibility criteria and installation experience.

Step 05

Agree to abide by the STC Code of Ethics and have an acceptable business performance record.

Step 06

Be willing to voluntarily comply with all provisions of the Certification, including continuing education.

Course & Exam

STC Certified Turf Installer - Landscape Course & Exam Dates
  • Thursday, October 8, 2020
  • Thursday, November 5, 2020
  • Thursday, December 3, 2020
  • 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Online (virtual) format

Participants will attend a one-day, certification-based course online and take a 20-question exam. All participants must complete an Application for Certification and meet the minimum eligibility criteria and installation experience in order to be eligible for certification.

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Member Testimonials

There are many ways to be a good steward of your profession, one way is to always seek out learning and leadership opportunities. The Certified Turf Installer program is a great of example of this.  Becoming a certified individual gives you the chance to collaborate with other industry professionals while enhancing your knowledge and skill-set at the same time. This is a designation you can take back to your company which will allow you to stand out in a competitive field, but ultimately, one more way you can provide your customers the peace of mind that they are dealing with a respected and trustworthy professional.
- Brad Borgman, CPSI, CTI-L, Director of Sales, USGreentech
Professionalism. The CTI-L course outlines best practices and operational methods used to properly install synthetic grass. Understanding turf design, methods, regions, types and supplies is critical in the development of the industry. Learning from experienced installers, manufacturers, and peers increases one knowledge of their profession and skill. It's a must for anyone calling themselves a professional installer.
- Michael McCaskill, CTI-L, Owner/CEO, Turfscapes LLC

Five Reasons to Choose an STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L)

Choosing a qualified installer is as important as selecting the right synthetic grass system!

  • Not all synthetic grass installers are the same
  • CTI-L's follow STC guidelines and best practices for landscape synthetic grass installation
  • They have the tools and resources to provide high-quality installations
  • They have taken and passed an STC certification course and provided qualified project references
  • They abide by the STC Code of Ethics and Conduct, meeting all Continuing Education requirements

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