Continuing Education

As an STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L), you must complete eight (8) continuing education hours in order to renew your certification during each two-year term.

Why Continuing Education?

Requiring continuing education brings the STC certification program into compliance with standards that are typical of accredited certification programs, increasing its credibility. Continual exposure to information about new technologies and products provided by experts in the industry is a key part of effective professional development.

Opportunities for Continuing Education

The STC requires that as part of the eight (8) continuing education hours, all Certified Turf Installers must attend at least one (1) STC Annual Membership Meeting within their two-year certification term. If you attend a program that meets the following guidelines, the continuing education credits will count:

  • Attend at least one (1) STC Annual (Fall) Membership Meeting - Required
  • Service to the STC (e.g. committee or task force, conference speaker)
  • Industry trade shows, workshops and seminars from associations, synthetic turf manufacturers, distributors, and industry suppliers
    • Topics must be related to synthetic turf installation, equipment, materials, safety, design, business, marketing, or administration skills.
    • Programs must be a minimum of 60 minutes to qualify.
    • Programs that are mainly promotional or product-related will not be accepted.
    • Time spent at tradeshow exhibits does not qualify as continuing education.

Any program attended during your current certification term, that meets the guidelines above, will count toward your continuing education credits.

Tracking Your Continuing Education Hours

The STC has created a Continuing Education Tracking Form (PDF) to help you track the credits as they are earned. This form should be submitted to STC upon certification renewal. In most instances, one hour equals one continuing education credit. The following information should be included on each certificate of attendance provided by the program provider:

  • Program Title
  • Sponsor/Provider
  • Date
  • Length of Program (i.e. 90 minutes)
  • Presentation Description and Three (3) Learning Objectives
Download the Continuing Education Tracking Form (PDF)

Mark Your Calendars


2020 STC Spring Meeting
03/10/2020 » 03/11/2020
Irvine, California


2020 STC Annual Membership Meeting
10/19/2020 » 10/21/2020
Washington, D.C.


2021 STC Annual Membership Meeting
10/18/2021 » 10/20/2021
Tucson, Arizona