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2016 Annual Meeting Education
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Meet Our Keynote: Tuesday, October 11 (9:30 a.m.)

Mack Story

Leadership & Cultural Transformation Expert

Mack Story tells of an amazing journey of personal and professional growth. He began his career in manufacturing on the front lines of a machine shop. He advanced into upper management and found his niche in lean manufacturing and along with it, developed his passion for leadership. As a certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Coach and Speaker, Mack has spent thousands of hours helping leaders at all levels develop 360° of influence. This presentation will provide characteristics of leadership, perseverance, and vision that are essential for personal and business growth, including: 

  • Qualities of leadership, perseverance, and vision that are essential to personal and business growth;
  • How to build influence with your leaders and your teammates;
  • How to intentionally become more valuable to the company and an effective and influential mentor.

Speaker Handout: Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision


This course is worth 1.0 PDH.

Track 1: Tuesday, October 11 (10:45 - 11:45 a.m.) 

1A: Characterization of Rubber Recycled from ELTs and Assessment of the Risks Associated with Dermal and Inhalation Exposure 

Daniele Fornai, R&D Manager, Ecopneus

The use of crumb rubber in artificial turf pitches raises frequent doubts and controversies due to the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are contaminants of oils and carbon black used in tire manufacturing. A large number of publications have addressed this issue during the last decade, both through environmental monitoring conducted on playing fields and through laboratory testing. Although the scientific evidence converges on defining the incremental risk for players exposed to rubber as acceptable, analyses conducted on elastomeric infills revealed that some highly polluted products are sold as “crumb rubber” although unlikely originated from tires.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH.

1B: Landscape Synthetic Grass Systems & Specialty Applications

Joe Wadkins, Synthetic Turf Counsultant, Joe Wadkins Consulting, LLC; Mike Alexander, Owner, Turf and Sport/Artificial Grass Superstore

An overview (with Q&A) of the design and installation for landscape synthetic grass systems, infill systems, and specialty applications, including pets and golf. This presentation will cover landscape commercial and residential installations, golf putting greens, including sand filled greens and rubber shavings, pets, and rooftops.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH (HSW).

1C: Ask a Lawyer Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Law

William Bell, Minor Bell & Neal; Aalok Sharma, Foley & Mansfield

This is your chance to ask two lawyers everything you ever wanted to know about the law. They will answer your most pressing questions in this Q&A session. This presentation is an invaluable opportunity to learn about topics from anti-trust to defamation and privacy to copyrights and trademarks. Hear the latest on employment laws and overtime pay, as well as warranties from both the buyer and builder perspectives.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH.


Track 2: Tuesday, October 11 (2:15 - 3:15 p.m.)

2A: Turf Specifications 101

Catherine Eiswerth, Manager, Landscape Architecture, Sports & Rec, R.F. Binnie & Associates; Erik Sweet, Principal, SLA Landscape

This presentation will cover the typical items that are covered in a turf specification, what to include and not include and why, and other relevant considerations with specifications. Attendees will learn about the organization of a specification, the purpose of each component of a specification; do’s and don’ts for specifications; public vs private bids; submittals and shop drawings; warranties; threshold standards for materials, installers, and manufacturers; performance requirements; installer maintenance; and execution requirements.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH.

2B: Playgrounds: What are they and what do we need to know about them?

Butch DeFillippo, Managing Partner, PlaySafe LLC

This session will cover the proper design of playgrounds and the many common mistakes that can be easily avoided if the relationship between surfacing and equipment is better understood. This presentation will explain the what playground equipment and surfacing is and their relationship; and demonstrate common errors in playground equipment and surfacing designs.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH.

2C: Marketing your Business Through Social Media Trends & Best Practices

Todd Britton, Brand Manager, Shaw Sports Group; Dan Zacchei, Managing Director, Sloane & Company

This presentation will discuss how companies in the synthetic turf industry use various social media platforms to drive their businesses. A look at how social media changes the way customers make buying decisions; how social media can influence your business, job, and career; best practices for blogs and social media sites.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH.


Track 3: Tuesday, October 11 (3:30 - 4:30 p.m.)

3A: Backings & Urethanes

Tom Perry, Technical Sales and Service, The Dow Chemical Company

This session will provide a summary of the characteristics of backing systems for synthetic turf. This presentation will discuss primary vs. secondary backing systems; different methods for coating process; and how the secondary backing utilized in knitted turf systems can provide additional structure and integrity to the system.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH (HSW).

3B: Painting Synthetic Turf: A systematic approach

Jim Brady, Director of Marketing and Sales, Eco Chemical Inc.; Doug Schattinger, President, Pioneer Athletics; Jeffrey Graydon, Associate Director, Princeton University

This presentation will cover the considerations when choosing a paint program for synthetic turf sports fields. Attendees of this session will hear best practices when working with different types and ages of turf, typical climate and weather conditions, field preparation and remover formulations, estimating material requirements, and other tips and tricks. And finally, do it yourself or hire out?

This course is worth 1.0 PDH (HSW).

3C: Standards for Playgrounds, Playing Fields & Other Recreational Facilities

George Neagle, VP National Sales, STR Corp. (Moderator); Butch DeFillippo, Managing Partner, PlaySafe LLC; Blu Alexander, Director of Business Development, ThermaGreen Environmental; Terry Stricklin, SYNLawn Houston; Richard Hawley, Robertson Industries, Inc., A Playcore Company 

This course will consist of a panel of professionals and suppliers discussing installation specifications compared to the lab testing results. Learn about what qualifies a playground surface as a safety surface; Understand the relative 'safety' of synthetic grass as a playground surface; Learn about how the safety performance of a playground surface is measured.

This course is worth 1.0 PDH.


Industry & Member Updates: Wednesday, October 12 (8 a.m. - 12 p.m.)

Crumb Ruber Coalition Update

Dan Zacchei, Managing Director, Sloane & Company; Nancy Nord, Counsel, OFW Law Firm

This session will provide a review of the work that’s been on the crumb rubber crisis done by the STC and its fellow coalition members.

Synthetic Turf Imports

John Baize, Manager, Act Global; Mike Cobb, CEO, InnovaNet Group

Panelists will discuss the industry’s position on foreign trade practices and government subsidies, imported product quality, and the impact on the U.S. market.

Recycling & Reuse Task Force Update

David Nardone, Principal, Stantec Sport; Denise Kennedy, President, DK Enterprises

A presentation on the exciting developments in guidance for the reclamation, recycling, and repurposing of synthetic turf and its components without disposing of them in a landfill.

Importance of ASTM & Update on New Testing Standards for Crumb Rubber Infill

Denise Kennedy, President, DK Enterprises

  • Receive an update on a new ASTM test method standard for searchable metals in crumb rubber infill.
  • Get the latest on the 2016 update on the STC’s Suggested Guidelines for the Essential Elements of Synthetic Turf Systems.

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