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2018 Volunteer of the Year Award
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2018 Volunteer of the Year Award:

Ms. Amy Brackin, Liberty Tire Recycling

Amy Brackin has volunteered at the STC for nearly ten years. I first worked with Amy when she was chair of the STC Marketing Committee, which consisted of Amy, Shira Miller, and myself. She later was elected to the board of directors, and served as the chair of the board for the maximum number of terms allowed. Amy now serves as the Immediate Past Chair, as an Ex-officio member of the STC Board of Directors. 

Amy’s activities as a member of the board, and then as chair of the board not only supported the STC mission, but helped to shape and develop the mission that will take us unto the next era of the STC. In her final year as chair, Amy oversaw the STC’s first ever strategic planning session, which helped evaluate and define goals and missions more than ever before. The STC now has a more clear direction to help us grow and become more influential.

During her time on the board, I believe that Amy spent just as much time (or maybe more) on STC priorities as she did on her own job. The amount of time and effort that Amy put into the CRI crisis alone exceeded expectations for a volunteer position, and came to the industry’s aid when it was needed most. If you ask anyone who served on a committee or the board with Amy, and they will tell you about personal conversations they had with Amy about any number of issues that were relevant to the STC and the industry. Amy is a proactive leader who has the keen ability to empathize with others and bring a group with diverse opinions together to achieve common goals. She committed her time to attend capital hill meetings in support of our industry, and traveled the world to represent the STC at a variety of levels. Volunteers with Amy’s level of commitment are rare, and the STC is extremely fortunate to have had such a strong ally on our team. Amy deserves recognition for her hard work, dedication, and time that she has devoted to our organization, and this award would be an excellent way to thank her as she makes her way off the board. 

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