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STC Annual Membership Dues

Synthetic Turf Council - Annual Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are based on the

  • Membership Category in which a company is applying (for category descriptions click here)
  • The company's self-reported Annual Gross Revenues in the synthetic turf industry only (other company revenue not included - calculated based on company's revenue related to the synthetic turf industry only. Information held confidential).

The first full year of membership dues are due with the membership application. This pays the membership for one full year from the date joined. (For example, if you join in June, you pay one full year with your application and your membership is renewed through the following June).

When membership is up for renewal, one year from the join date, members are invoiced for pro-rated membership dues from the anniversary of the date they joined until December of that year (partial year dues).

Going forward, all members are placed on a January-December membership year and membership expires each year on December 31st.

Annual membership dues are due by January 1 of each year.

Annual Membership Dues By Category

  • Builders & Installers

  • Material Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Specialty Manufacturers or Service Companies

  • Testing Laboratories, Onsite Testing Services or Testing Equipment

 Your Annual Gross Revenues Your Annual STC Membership Dues 
 Under $1.5M $1,800 per year
 $1.5-5M $3,000 per year
 $5-10M $6,000 per year
 $10-15M $9,000 per year
 $15-30M $12,000 per year
 $30-60M $15,000 per year
 Over $60M $18,000 per year

Base Contractors (companies who build the base under sports fields only)

Your Annual Gross Revenues   Your Annual STC Membership Dues
 Any Gross Revenue Level $1,000 per year

Independent Professionals and Consultants

  • Architects/engineers/consultants

Your Annual Gross Revenues   Your Annual STC Membership Dues
 Under $750,000  $600 per year
 Over $750,000  $900 per year

Regional Landscape and Recreation Turf Installers

  • Landscape and recreation turf installers only (no sports fields)

 Your Annual Gross Revenues  Your Annual STC Membership Dues
 Under $1M $600 per year
 $1-5M $1,800 per year
 $1.5-5M $3,000 per year
 $5-10M $6,000 per year
 $10-15M $9,000 per year
 $15-30M $12,000 per year
 $30-60M $18,000 per year

Subsidiary Membership Discount

Wholly-owned subsidiaries (not dealers) of current Full STC members may apply for STC membership with a 50% discount on annual membership dues (50 percent off the amounts listed above).

For a full listing of Full STC members, please visit our Online Membership Directory here.

To obtain the 50% off Subsidiary Discount, complete the online membership application here.

In the "Promotional Code" area enter SUBSIDIARY. Your membership dues will automatically be reduced by 50%.

The Subsidiary Discount is subject to approval to confirm the membership of the primary company.

Ready to Apply for STC Membership?

Complete our online application here.

Have Questions or Need Assistance? 

Please contact Maria Donovan, Director of Membership at or 443-640-1067, ext. 1137.

The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c) 6 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. As such, your membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense depending upon your individual tax circumstances. Please consult your tax advisor.


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