STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) Application


The Certified Turf Installer-Landscape Program was developed by the STC to help promote industry-recognized best practices for landscape synthetic turf installation and elevate qualified installers through certification.

Certification Requirements

  1. Select an upcoming Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) course
  2. Submit payment for the course. The course fee is $550 per person for STC Members, and $965 per person for Non-STC Members. In order to receive the member rate for your course registration, you must be an STC Full Member in good standing:
    • If your company is not an STC member and you would like to join today, simply complete the online membership application, here
    • Your first-year of STC membership dues are due with your membership application
  3. Receive a passing grade of 80% or higher on the CTI-L exam
  4. Complete an Application for Certification and meet the minimum eligibility criteria and installation experience
  5. Agree to abide by the STC Code of Ethics and have an acceptable business performance record
  6. Be willing to voluntarily comply with all provisions of the Certification, including continuing education

Confidential Information

All application fields are required. This application is for the certification of the individual person submitting it (the "Applicant"). Certification of the Applicant as a Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) applies to the individual Applicant and not the employer. For the employer company (the "Company") to become Certified as a Landscape Installer the Company must be a Member of the STC and file an Application for Certification which is available from the STC office.

Installation experience refers to active participation on-site in the construction of a synthetic turf landscape application (no sports fields). Do not include any projects on which work has not yet begun, or for which you were not an on-site participant in the installation. This application needs to be submitted only once. You will not be required to submit this application again unless there is a complaint filed against you during the certification period. As used herein the term “customer” shall mean the recipient of the product or services provided by the applicant business.

Renewal Process

The certification renewal process is essential to ensure continued professional development for those certified as synthetic turf installers. The STC qualifies the educational content of its Membership Meetings so certified landscape synthetic turf installers may earn continuing education credits.

Once certification is awarded, all participants in the STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape Program must re-certify every two (2) years by earning eight (8) continuing education credits, including attendance to at least one (1) STC Annual (Fall) Membership Meeting. Continuing education credits must be earned before the certification expiration date. Each individual is responsible for keeping track of continuing education credits they have earned, and maintain proof of attendance in case you are audited. If your certification has not yet expired, please expect to receive a renewal notice approximately six (6) months prior to your expiration date. If your certification has already expired, contact the STC office for a renewal application. Installation experience needs to be submitted to STC only once. If you have already submitted this information as part of your initial certification, you do not need to submit again.

The STC will randomly audit its Certified Members to verify installation experience and continuing education. Those individuals who provide false evidence of installation experience or continuing education will be subject to suspension and revocation of certification.

Download the Application for Certification Package (PDF)

STC Certified Turf Installer-Landscape (CTI-L) Application

  • All information provided on this application for membership must be true, accurate, and correct. If an applicant provides false information, the Board shall deny membership to the applicant and may restrict re-application permanently or for a period of time based on the materiality of the facts falsified.
  • The installation experience listed on this application is accurate and represents your direct, on-site participation in the installation projects listed.
  • You are aware that to retain your certification, eight (8) credits of continuing education must be earned, prior to your expiration date, within each two-year certification term.
  • Documentation of completion must be submitted for the course, exam and all Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • You understand and agree to execute and abide by the Certified Turf Installer - Landscape Commitment Agreement.
  • Your employer is a business entity in good standing and is legally authorized to conduct business in its registered jurisdiction.