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Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Maintaining the highest professional standards is critical in our fast-growing industry. Developed by our members, the STC’s ethics and conduct standards promote high quality, professionalism, and integrity.

Code of Ethics

Adopted December 3, 2003
Amended July 18, 2005
Revised August 17, 2010

Ethics Principles & Conduct Guidelines


Members of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) strive to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. To fulfill these aspirations, Members of the STC (as used herein the term "Member” includes the owners, officers, principals, employees, agents, or representatives of a company) undertake the responsibility to conduct their professional activities in an ethical manner and endeavor to abide by the tenets embodied in these Ethics Principles and Conduct Guidelines of the STC Code of Ethics. STC Members should strive to serve the best interests of the owner and/or end user of their products by providing quality synthetic turf systems and services. Members should serve their clients and customers competently and in a professional manner, and will exercise unprejudiced and unbiased judgment when performing all services or giving advice. Members should avoid acting in a manner that would diminish the reputation of the synthetic turf industry generally.

The provisions set out below identify the conduct that will be deemed offensive to these ideals and violations of this Code.

Section 1: Conduct Guidelines

1.1 Professional Performance

  1. Members shall refrain from selling products, systems, or services that are inappropriate to the needs of their clients and that do not satisfy the client’s project requirements.
  2. Members shall not commit to provide products or services within a specific time period unless the Member reasonably expects that it will be able to perform within that time-frame.
  3. Member shall respond in a timely fashion to all customer product or service complaints.
  4. Members shall not reveal information obtained in the course of their professional activities that they have agreed to maintain in confidence.

1.2 Conflicts of Interest

  1. Members should avoid conflicts of interest in their business practices and fully disclose to all prospective clients the existence of any conflicts as they arise.
  2. If a Member’s judgment in providing products or services to one party could be affected by responsibilities to another party or project, or by the Member’s own interests, the Member must fully disclose the potentially conflicting interests to those who rely on the Member’s judgment.
  3. Members shall not solicit or accept gratuities, directly or indirectly, from contractors, agents, or other parties dealing with their clients in connection with a project.
  4. A Member shall not accept compensation from more than one party for services performed on a project, or for services pertaining to the same project, unless the Member fully discloses the circumstances to the clients or customers.

Section 2: Ethics Principles

2.1 Representations and Statements about Competitors. Members of the STC shall strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in the representations that they make in the marketplace. False and misleading representations made by a Member could, and likely will, harm customers and the reputation of the industry as a whole. To avoid such harm, Member companies shall:

  1. Present their products to prospective clients and compare those products with others in the synthetic turf industry in an honest and factually accurate manner.
  2. Avoid making any false or misleading comments about another company and/or that company’s products and/or services. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, false or misleading statements about a company’s financial stability, vendor payment history, or system performance.
  3. Assume full responsibility for their representations, including those made by their representatives and agents.

2.2 Representations and Statements About Your Qualifications, Capabilities, and Experience. Any representations made to clients, employers, and the public about the Member’s qualifications, capabilities, and experience shall be truthful and accurate, and any such statements shall not be misleading, deceptive, or false.

2.3 Advertising. Members shall comply with the laws and regulations regarding false and misleading advertising enforceable by the Federal Trade Commission. Accordingly, Members shall refrain from making representations or claims about other companies’ products or services that would be considered "unfair” as defined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In addition, Member should have a "reasonable basis,” as defined by the FTC, for all objectively verifiable claims made in written advertisements and other written marketing documents. Members shall not disseminate, permit, or cause to be disseminated, any form of advertising containing a statement or claim which is false or misleading in any material respect, for the purpose of, directly or indirectly, soliciting clients. Members shall also avoid making false or misleading representations about their competitors’ products or services.

2.4 Definition. A statement or claim is false or misleading when it:

  1. Contains a material misrepresentation of fact;
  2. Is materially misleading because the statement as a whole makes only a partial disclosure of relevant facts; or
  3. Is intended or is likely to create false or unjustified expectations of favorable results.

2.5 While this Section requires that Members refrain from making false and misleading statements, it is not intended to prohibit, and does not address, any communications, representations, or advertising claims that are truthful, even if they may be viewed as disparaging.

Section 3: Relations among Members

Members who are elected or appointed to STC review or approval boards shall recuse themselves when discussion is held relative to an action in which they have a conflict of interest.

Section 4: Compliance with Local, State and Federal Laws

4.1 Criminal; Deceptive Business Practices. It shall be considered unethical for any Member to violate any state or federal criminal law or any legal prohibition of false and deceptive business practices.

4.2 Licenses, Permits or Bonding; Employment of Undocumented Workers. It shall also be considered unethical for a Member to intentionally violate any federal, state and local laws and regulations requiring licenses, permits or bonding applicable to the work or services being provided by the Member or prohibiting the employment of undocumented aliens.

Section 5: Code of Ethics Enforcement

Members violating any provision of this Code of Ethics shall be subject to sanctions as provided in the "Rules of Procedure for Enforcement of the Code of Ethics.” These sanctions shall be limited to public or non-public censure, or suspension or expulsion from the Synthetic Turf Council.

Code of Conduct

Approved by the Board of Directors on January 26, 2009

To be included with all written sales presentations and proposals:

In an ongoing effort to ensure that member companies of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) will maintain the highest level of integrity in their sales and marketing activities, the STC has established the following code of conduct for its member companies.

This Code of Conduct relates to the daily interaction between member companies, including representatives and agents, and potential and existing customers. The Code of Conduct covers all aspects of written and verbal communications that member companies use as part of their sales and marketing activities.

Member companies agree to hold themselves to the highest standard of conduct when presenting their products and how their products and companies compare with others in the synthetic turf industry.

Member companies will always strive to present their products and/or services in an honest and factually accurate manner; and will avoid making any non-specific negative comments or negative characterizations about a competitor company and/or that company’s products and/or services. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, non-specific comments about a company’s financial stability, vendor payment history, and system performance, that are not based on specific fact or are not a matter of public record.

While understanding that competition in the marketplace will always exist and be a part of our industry, member companies agree to treat other synthetic turf companies with respect in all aspects of their business practices. STC members agree not to disparage other synthetic turf companies, and will conduct their business affairs with integrity and as they would want others to treat them.

Member companies will also strive to ensure that all written communications, advertising and marketing programs will be truthful and accurate, will not appear to validate misinformation that could potentially harm the synthetic turf industry, and will not be considered "unfair” as defined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In addition, member companies will agree that they will have a "reasonable basis” (as defined by the FTC) for all claims made in written advertisements and other written marketing documents.”

The goal of this Code of Conduct is to encourage all member companies to conduct themselves in an honest and forthright manner, to present their products and services in a positive and factually accurate way, and in doing so, eliminate the negative perception that customers have had of the synthetic turf business for many years.

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